That 70’s Party

Theme parties are such a fun time to be a part of.  Every party needs character and to make it a theme party, where your guests dress up, the decorations and music matches the theme, it transports you to a whole other place or era.  When the party has this type of atmosphere and feel, the guests tend to remember it more.  That is what we want in every event.  One that people can enjoy at that moment then look back at the event with fond memories.

It was earlier in the month when we got a call from the Ironman World Triathlon Corp to be a part of their Volunteer Directors Appreciation party.  It’s a party for some amazing people.  People that have a lot on their plates during one of the biggest events in the world.  A time for these hard working people to be appreciated and thanked, but most of all to let loose.  There is no better way to do that then with a 70’s disco themed event.

Iron Man Directors Appreciation with logo 1.jpg

What fun it is to be a part of a themed party like this.  That’s when you can really get creative.  We did some crazy colors around the room in the King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel ballroom.  The disco era definitely did not have uniform colors.  It was a very playful and fun era.  The LED dance floor provided by Big Island Tents were definitely a big part of creating this feel.

On the left of the DJ table there was the disco ball.  We do not get to use this disco ball enough anymore since newer LED lighting can get the same type of effect in a smaller package.  Though there is nothing that can match the exact look of a disco ball in the room.  It creates such a retro look.  Lastly there was a black light that we placed on the ceiling above the bean bag lounge area to give a black light glow to that section.  The challenge with these retro events is getting the room to look retro with new LED light technology.

Iron Man 70s with logo 1.jpg

We threw some amber lighting on the bar to make the bar stand out and this allowed the bartender to see what she was pouring.  Amber which is a natural light bulb color also gave the table a more retro look.  Then to top off the bar area we threw a Studio 54 gobo sign on the back wall.  It’s easy to direct people to where the drinks are when you have something like this that stands out.  The room also had amazing touches by Jessica Miller and the rest of the Ironman staff.  From lava lamps, to a photo backdrop, to fun decor on the table, and bean bag chairs that really made the event pop.  Also every one of their attending guests dressed up.

Thank you the the Ironman Triathlon World Corp for having us at their event.  The people that we got to work with are definitely a fun bunch.  Here’s to them for doing such a amazing job each and every year.

DJ, MC, sound, and lighting by Eclipse Effect Entertainment, LED dance floor by Big Island Tents, and ballroom is located the Courtyard by Marriott King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel.

For more info on Eclipse Effect Entertainment services, please call (808) 936-3552 or email   – Blog written by Jase Takeya.


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