A Little Mystery With A Whole Lot Of Fun.

The Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce Mystery Dine around is one of those yearly events that take place.  It’s an event where guests meet at a certain location.  They check in, have cocktails, then are told the next mystery location where dinner will be taking place.  After dinner they are then told where the mystery after party will be held.  Having that idea of not knowing where you will be going for the night, but knowing you will be taken care of is a very appealing and fun idea.  People really do have a good time at this event.  A little bit of mystery and a lot of fun makes for a night to remember.

Chamber Dine Around Sign.jpg

Our role in this mystery dine around was to bring lighting ambiance to the after party.  It’s was a “Night in Tuscany” theme.  The colors for this event was green and amber.  The dinner took place at Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, then the guests were to arrive at the newly renovated Naniloa Crown Room for the after party.  Now the Crown Room looks really nice.  They repainted the walls, reupholstered the seats, redid some of the lighting, and added new chair covers in the venue.  One of this lighting guys favorites part of this venue is that there are plugs and usb at each booth.  This creates some great opportunities for lighting design.

Chamber Dine Around Seating.jpg

Here we placed lighting at each booth and shinned them up on the ceiling.  Creating a wash of lighting in amber down.  This creates for a classy and subtle lighting design.  Very much inspired by a night club on Oahu.  This design can also be done in any color.  Imagine a wedding with lighting above the booths in a wedding color, for example in teal.  That would look elegant and still bring enough lighting in for your guests to see their meals.

Chamber diner around middle booth.jpg

The booth seating in the middle of the room has low ceilings.  This was great for our battery powered lighting  We were able to attached these lights to the ceiling and shine lighting down on each table in green, the complimentary color of the night.  Though the best part of this room is the stage area.

Crown Room Chamber Front.jpg

Having those white screens on each side of the stage makes for many lighting possibilities.  We’ve always enjoyed putting patterns on those screens.  Although the walls are a dark grey color, the newer generation of LED lighting are bright enough to really light up those walls.

Dine Around Vizion 2020.jpg

When the guests arrived into the after party they were greeted by music by Vizion 20/20. They have been a staple at the Chamber of Commerce Mystery Dine Around for years and they are always fun to watch.  Each time I see them perform, I am always surprised with the updated songs as well as the older classics.  It’s much easier to work when the music is great.  The guests are also treated to an assortment of great dessert.  Tons of desserts from many local businesses around town.

Overall this is a fantastic event.  Great food, great music, great cocktails, and great fun. Keep a look out for this annual event next year.  You can do so by checking back at their events calendar periodically at this link http://hicc.biz/calendar.  Be part of this experience.  It’s a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of fun.

For more information on the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce visit http://hicc.biz/.  To find out more information on the Hilo Naniloa Hotel and their venue spaces CLICK HERE.  Check out Vizion 20/20’s Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Vizion2020/ for more about the band.  For more info on Eclipse Effect Entertainment services, please call (808) 936-3552 or email hello@eclipseeffect.com.   

– Blog written by Jase Takeya.  jase@eclipseeffect.com


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