A Perfectly Charming Ranch

Charm is a word that goes well with weddings.  A wedding venue with charm is one that has great characteristic and feeling.  When I think of a venue with charm, Kahua Ranch is that place.  Kahua Ranch is tucked away in the Kohala Mountains.  A venue with fresh air, an amazing sunset, and a unforgettable rustic charm.

A few weeks ago, we got to work with Mark & Ashley.  Their wedding was held on a perfect day at Kahua Ranch.  The weather held out, the sunset was amazing, and their guests were there for a good time.  The dinner took place on the Kahua Ranch patio.  The patio which has an amazing view of the ocean.  During sunset the sky lights up with a variety of colors creating the perfect backdrop for wedding photos and dinner.

Kahua Sunset.jpg

The toasts and cake cutting also took place on the lanai.  Sometimes couples hold the whole reception on the lanai.  By the way, string lighting on the lanai looks fantastic.  This enhances that rustic feeling during the reception.


The other option for lighting on the lanai is to use their top fluorescent lights that is already a part of the building.

For Mark & Ashely’s wedding, the second half of the reception took place in the barn behind the lanai.  The first dance, slide show, love story, shoelywed game, bouquet and garter toss all took place in the barn.  The barn is a great place to hold these events.  Not only does the barn have lots of room, but the barn also has a cozy and intimate feel to it. Extra lighting like ceiling washes and dance floor spot lights look great during the program.  It brings much more lighting into the area which allow guests to see better and especially more importantly, it creates more lighting for wedding photos.  Normally the barn is very dim lit.  Here is a look at how the barn looks with a wash of amber lighting on the ceiling and couple for their first dance.


What we’ve been doing that works well for sound at this venue is if you are having the program in the barn, it’s also good to have a second speaker set up on the lanai.  We wireless transmit audio that is going through the barn speaker to the lanai speaker.  This allows guests on the lanai can hear what is taking place in the barn.  This creates a nice unity in both areas even though both areas are separate.

Kahua Sun.jpg

Kahua Ranch is a nice gem nestled away in the Kohala Mountains.  A place where horses roam, the air is fresh, with an abundance of rustic feel.  On a nice clear day you it’s a place where you are able to see Maui from.  A wedding venue where your guests will not mind driving over to experience the one of a kind atmosphere.  A venue with charm.  Congratulation to Mark & Ashley Ayap!

MC, sound, and lighting by Eclipse Effect Entertainment, DJ services by DJ Darren B. of Quiet Storm Entertainment, tables, chairs, and draping by Hawaii Island Events, Photography by Tracey Niimi Photography, Catering by KTA, and musician Keone Thompson.

For more info on Eclipse Effect Entertainment services, please call (808) 936-3552 or email hello@eclipseeffect.com.   – Blog written by Jase Takeya.  jase@eclipseeffect.com




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